Petra van Raaij is a dutch photographer working in the fashion industry for most of her adult years. She first discovered her passion for photography while studying fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. 

After completing her study with flying colours, her career took a different turn and she became a renowned make up artist working worldwide. On one of her work trips to Cape town, she decided to pursue her dream and build a career as a fashion photographer. 

With a keen eye for details and her experience in the fashion industry, she has works successfully, mostly in exotic locations, for clients around the world as a fashion & beauty photographer. 

"This job is one big adventure, always challenging, never a dull moment. I love creating beautiful, timeless, imagery and as passionate about photography today, as 18 years ago".


. O'Neil . Triumph . Passionata . FA . Acuvue . Dim Cacharel . S'Oliver . Silan . Cyell . Halluber . Swarovski Perfume . African Botanics . Evarea . Patrice Breal . Baxxe . Arrow . Little Mistress . Go Colours . Zivame . Takko . Tchibo . Truworth . Edgards . Hansgrohe . Saturday Shoes . Safiya Shoes . Deichmann . Betty Barclay . Marylise . Miss Elaine . Blue Fire Co . Rituals . Elle . Cosmopolitan . MarieClaire . Gala . Grazia . Glamour . Maxi . GQ . Mirage . Teaser Magazine . Kult Magazine . Lovesome Magazine .  



I have more than 18 years experience as a professional fashion & beauty photographer. Specialised in Lingerie and Swimwear. I work on location for clients worldwide.


I have studied fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and worked as an international hair & make up artist for 12 years, before I became a fashion & beauty photographer. 


I am very passionate about my job and love to create beautiful imagery that have an uplifting, and sensual feeling. I especially enjoy shooting in natural settings. My photographs are the result of good teamwork and beautiful ingredients.


Depending on the requirements of the shoot and the usage needed. Please contact me and let me know the details of your production and I will send to you a customised quote. 


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